2022 Audi S6 Bolt Pattern Guide By Years

The bolt pattern for a 2022 Audi S6 is 5x112 (or 5x4.41 ), indicating that each wheel has five bolts (or lugs) that are arranged circularly with a 112 mm (4.41 inches) diameter.

One of the simplest yet cool 2022 Audi S6 mods is to replace stock wheels with bigger aftermarket options.

However, before you switch, you must know your 2022 Audi S6 lug pattern to confirm compatibility with the new set of wheels. But even if the current bolt pattern of your 2022 Audi S6 and the new wheels do not match, consider converting to the required scheme using the wheel adapters.

Also, new rims must sit within the wheel offset range, and the 2022 Audi S6's stud must fit onto the hub bore. Use the measurements below while searching for new wheels.

Bolt Pattern

A bolt pattern, or lug pattern, is a two-number system used to measure the imaginary circle (PCD) formed by the lug holes at the center of a wheel. The first number counts the holes in the wheel, while the second number indicates the pitch circle diameter in mm or inches.

PCD 5x112 (5x4.41)
Hub Bore

A machined opening in the center of the wheel. It must be "Hub Centric" to reduce vibration.

66.5 mm
Thread Size

The outer diameter of your wheel stud threads in either metric (M12, M14, etc.) or standard units (1/2", 9/16", etc.).

M14 x 1.5
Tire Sizes

Dimensions of the stock tires, including its width, aspect ratio (sidewall), and diameter.

P 245/45 R19 -
P 255/35 R21
Stock Rim Sizes

Dimensions of rims recommended by the manufacturer.

19x8.0" - 21x8.5"

Wheel Adapters - See more

5x114.3 to 5x112 (5x4.5 in to 5x4.41 in)

Premium Pick
Ezaccessory Adapters 5x4.5 to 5x112
  • CNC machined from 6061 T6 aircraft quality billet
  • Space out your wheel by 1.25-inch
  • Including 10 pre-installed studs and 10 mounting lug nuts
Best Price
Ryin 5x4.5 to 5x112 Wheel adapters
  • Product Benefits:
  • - Solve wheel fitment issues especially when changing bolt pattern,
  • - Allow you to use bigger tires,
  • - Customize the offset of your rims and Give you the custom aggressive look

5x114.3 to 5x120.7 (5x4.5 in to 5x4.75 in)

Best Value
‎FLYCLE 1 inch 5x4.5 to 5x4.75 Adapters
  • Forged from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy,CNC automatic processing,surface anodic oxidation and heat treatment,not only ensure high precision and stability,but also enhance the hardness and corrosion resistance of the material,with 12.9 class stud.
Premium Quality
  • Benefits:
  • CNC automatic processing ensure high accuracy and stability(0.02mm)
  • 6061-T6 aluminum forged alloymaterial.
  • High quality pre-installed heat treated 12.9 grade studs.

5x114.3 to 5x100 (5x4.5 in to 5x3.94 in)

Premium Quality
  • Premium Quality
  • Made from High-tensile-strength aluminum alloy (T6 billet aluminum), lighter weight and more sturdy compared to steel spacer. 100% applications tested in rigid durability and fatigue tests to meet SGS standard, high-grade corrosion protection through a special coating process, provide longer life and smoother operation.
Best Value
DCVAMOUS 1'' Adapter
  • Adapt 5 Lug 5x4.5 Vehicle to 5x100 Rim. Give your vehicle that aggressive stance, eliminate rubbing, mount a larger wheel or tire, clear breaks or struts. They also increase your vehicles handling performance.
  • Easy to use
  • With grade 10.9 studs, lug nuts, complete kit comes with everything needed for a complete installation.

5x114.3 to 5x108 (5x4.5 in to 5x4.25 in)

Editor's Choice
Generic Wheel Adapters
  • Our products is the real forged wheel spacers,Professional precision machined,will not crack seriously.All of the specifications have passed the international SGS standards.Unique back groove design,make the installation easier.
Best Value
BDS 1.25
  • Vehicle Bolt Pattern: 5x4.75" or 5x120mm or 5x4.5" or 5x114.3mm
  • Wheel Bolt Pattern: 5x108mm

5x114.3 to 5x127 (5x4.5 in to 5x5 in)

Best Value
‎Dynofit Adapter
  • Key Features
  • Anti-Cracking and Anti-off: forged 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy, 10.9 grade bolts(SGS Test Approved), Our forged wheel spacers fit more Aggressive driving than other casting or universal billet, not breaking with max load or high speed.
Best Choice
SCITOO Wheel Adapeters
  • Product specifications:
  • 1. Thickness:1.25" or 32mm;
  • 2. Vehicle Bolt Pattern:5x4.5 or 5x114.3mm;
  • 3. Wheel Bolt Pattern:5x5 or 5x127mm;
  • 4. Thread Pinch:12x1.5;
  • 5. Inner Diameter:71.5mm

5x114.3 to 5x120 (5x4.5 in to 5x4.72 in)

Best Price
‎Bds Wheel Adapter
  • Adapts your vehicle with bolt pattern 5x4.5" for the wheel bolt pattern 5x120mm.
  • Thickness: 1"
Editor's Choice
Customadeonly 1" Adapters
  • Improve the handling & appearance of your vehicle
  • CNC machined with precise fitment & consistent quality
  • Made with T-6 Aluminum - CNC machined with precise fit
  • Carbon steel wheel studs- machine pressed (Extremely durable) Factory Studs may need to be shortened to complete installation

5x114.3 to 5x135 (5x4.5 in to 5x5.3 in)

Сommonly Сhosen
BSD Bds Adapter
  • Vehicle Bolt Pattern: 5x4.5" or 5x114.3mm or 5x4.75" or 5x120.65mm.
  • Wheel Bolt Pattern: 5x135mm.
Best Price
‎Bds 1.5
  • Vehicle Bolt Pattern: 5x4.5" or 5x4.75"
  • Wheel Bolt Pattern: 5x135mm
  • Thickness: 15mm

5x114.3 to 5x139.7 (5x4.5 in to 5x5.5 in)

Premium Pick
EOTH 5x4.5 to 5x5.5 Wheel Adapter 1.5
  • Benefits
  • Help you to use large tire when your use different bolt patern on your aftermaket wheels, correct the offset, Provide your vehicle with a more aggressive stance and appearance while improving its handling and stability.
  • Change Bolt Pattern to Use 5x139.7 Wheels On 5x114.3.
Best Price
EZAccessory 1" 5x4.5 to 5x5.5 Wheel Adapter
  • Adapter Specs:
  • - 2 pieces total;
  • - 5x4.5 or 5x114.3mm bolt pattern for vehicle;
  • - 5x5.5" or 5x139.7mm bolt pattern for wheel;
  • - 1/2" studs; thickness 1" (25mm);
  • - 73.1mm center bore

5x114.3 to 5x110 (5x4.5 in to 5x4.33 in)

Premium Quality
EZAccessory 5x4.5 to 5x110 Wheel Adapters
  • Premium Quality - Aircraft quality TRUE forged 6061 T6 lightweight billets. CNC machined with precision craftsmanship. Features in high load capacity and keep the stock ride. Anodized for corrosion resistance. Heat-treated 10.9-grade steel studs with mounting lug nuts included.

5x114.3 to 8x165.1 (5x4.5 in to 8x6.5 in)

We Recommend
EZAccessory 5x4.5 to 8x6.5 Wheel Adapters (1 Inch)
    • Vehicle Bolt Pattern: 5x4.5-inch (114.3mm)
    • Wheel Bolt Pattern: 8x6.5-inch (165.1mm)
    • Studs Thread Size: 14x1.5
    • Hub Bore Size: 73mm
    • Thickness: 1-inch (25mm)
    • Lug Torque: 95 ft-lbs
  • Please note: If hub studs protrude outside the inner adapter piece and prevent the outer adapter piece from sitting flush, it is required to shorten the factory studs.

EZAccessory 5x4.5 to 8x6.5 Wheel Adapters
  • Installation Process:

    • Unscrew and separate the two adapter pieces first.

    • Install the inner adapter piece using short open-end lug nuts with no more than 13/16" hex.

    • If hub studs protrude outside the inner adapter piece and prevent the outer adapter piece from sitting flush, it is required to shorten the factory studs.

    • Bolt the outer adapter piece to the inner piece using provided black Allen bolts.

    • Install your wheels to the studs of the outer adapter piece using proper lug nuts that both match the thread size of the adapter studs and the seating style of your wheels.

5x114.3 to 8x170 (5x4.5 in to 8x6.7 in)

EZAccessory 2 Wheel Adapters 5x4.5 to 8x170
  • These are one-piece wheel adapters that are used to convert 5 lug 4.5-inch (114.3mm) bolt pattern hub to fit the wheels of 8 lug 170mm pattern. They will space out your wheels for 1 inch. High-quality studs are pre-installed.

5x114.3 to 4x114.3 (5x4.5 in to 4x4.5 in)

EZAccessory 4 Wheel Adapters 5x4.5" to 4x4.5"
  • Adapter Specifications:
  • Hub Bore Size: 73mm
  • Thickness: 1.75-inch (45mm)
  • Lug Torque: 80 ft-lbs
  • Black Allen Bolt Torque: 55 ft-lbs

5x114.3 to 5x150 (5x4.5 in to 5x5.9 in)

Premium Quality
EZAccessory 2 Billet Wheel Adapters 5x4.5 to 5x150. 1" Thick
  • The wheel adapter set is used to convert 5 lug 4.5-inch (114.3mm) hub bolt pattern to fit 5x150 bolt pattern wheels (e.g. 5-lug Toyota Tundra wheel). They will also space out your wheels for 1 inch to help your get enough clearance for wider tires and rims. CNC machined with precision craftsmanship using 6061 T6 aircraft quality billet. High-quality studs are pre-installed and 14x1.5 thread-size mounting open-end lug nuts are included. Sold as a pair for 2 wheels. Order 2 pairs for all 4 wheels.

5x114.3 to 8x180 (5x4.5 in to 8x7.1 in)

Trustworthy Manufacturer
EZAccessory 2 Wheel Adapters / 5x4.5 to 8x180 / Thickness 1"
  • Wheel adapters are a useful tool for customizing and adapting wheels to different vehicles. They provide more flexibility when switching between different types of aftermarket wheels and can help create the perfect look for your ride. Wheel adapters are a great way to individualize and customize your vehicle, but it’s vital that you choose the right type for the job and have them installed properly.

Wheel spacers - See more

Reduce offset on wheels

1 inch / 25 mm

Commonly Choosen
ZY WHEEL Spacers 1
  • CNC Machined using high-quality FORGED aerospace 6061 T6 aluminum for durability and fit.
  • Designed to move the wheels further out from the hub, giving your vehicle a more aggressive stance & allows for better handling characteristics
  • Aggressive appearance, with the widened track base, your favorite vehicle will get a cooler look
Commonly Choosen
KSP Performance 1" Wheel Spacers
  • Quality Approved - The KSP 5X114.3 wheel spacers are REAL FORGED from Lightweight Anodized Black 6061-T6 Aluminum, is stronger and more durable, and corrosion-resistant. And they are specifically designed by in-house engineers and CNC machined to exact standards, ensuring the best fitment possible. By carefully measuring the OEM wheel hubs and bore dimensions, these 70.5mm hub-centric spacers mount with minimal clearance to prevent any vibration, retaining the stock driving.

Centric rings - See more

Install Aftermarket Wheels

Hub-centric rings are used to provide a perfect fit between the hub and the wheel. The rings act as an adapter, filling the gap between the two components and providing a snug, secure fit. H... Check price on
Hub-centric rings make it easy to keep your car in top condition. By ensuring that your wheels are perfectly aligned, hub-centric rings can improve gas mileage, extend the life of your tires... Check price on

Product Specifications

  • Outer Diameter (Wheel Bore Size): 72.62mm
  • Inner Diameter (Vehicle Hub Size): 54.1mm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver Check price on
Hub-centric rings are a simple and effective way to improve the performance of your vehicle. They help to reduce vibration, increase wheel stability and balance, and enhance the overall safe... Check price on
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The purpose of these rings is to keep the wheel centered, reduce vibration, and provide a better connection between the wheel and hub. Without them, wheels may have excessive vibration, may... Check price on

Key product specifications:

  • Outer Diameter (Wheel Bore Size): 69.85mm
  • Inner Diameter (Vehicle Hub Size): 54.1mm
  • Material: Poly Carbon
  • Color: b... Check price on
These hub rings fit perfectly in between the wheel hub and wheel, providing a secure connection between them. They come in many sizes to fit almost any car or truck, so you can be sure you'l... Check price on
Hub-centric rings are essential for providing a secure fitment between the wheel and the vehicle's hub, reducing vibrations, and improving steering response. Check price on
The primary benefit of hub-centric rings is that they help to reduce the amount of vibration caused by the wheels. By ensuring that the center bore of the wheel or rim fits perfectly around... Check price on
The hub-centric rings help to provide a smoother riding experience by reducing vibration, which in turn reduces tire wear. Furthermore, they help to prevent wheel wobble or misalignment issu... Check price on
hub-centric rings are a vital component for correctly installing wheels on vehicles and are necessary for any kind of performance upgrade. They help to evenly distribute the load across the... Check price on
The purpose of hub-centric rings is to ensure a secure, vibration-free fit between the wheel and the vehicle's hub. Additionally, when properly installed, the hub-centric ring helps to evenl... Check price on
Made from strong and durable aluminum, these rings provide a snug fit to prevent wobbling and vibrations while offering superior performance on the road. They also feature an easy installati... Check price on
When installing new wheels, it’s essential to use hub-centric rings in order to ensure a secure fitment and reduce vibrations caused by minor wheel misalignments. By providing an extra layer... Check price on
This ring fits over the hub and creates a snug connection with both the wheel and the vehicle. This prevents any wobbling or rattles that can be caused by an improper fit. Check price on
The hub-centric ring is an essential component for a safe and secure connection between the wheel and the car’s hub. They are made from aluminum to provide a snug fit that prevents wobbling... Check price on
Hub-centric rings provide greater stability and balance for a vehicle. When your wheels are properly aligned, they can provide better resistance to wear and tear on the tire and wheel assemb... Check price on

Outer Diameter (Wheel Bore Size): 71.12mm

Inner Diameter (Vehicle Hub Size):54.1mm

Material: Polycarbonate

Check price on
One of the key benefits of hub-centric rings is increased safety. Wheels that are not properly centered can lead to excessive wobbling and swaying, compromising the handling capabilities of... Check price on

Lug nuts - See more

Keep tires attached to the hub

  • Improved design - this replacement lug nut changes the original two-piece design to one piece for greater reliability
  • Thoroughly tested - part has undergone proof load, s...

    Check price on

Includes 20 Chrome M14 x 1.50 Duplex Spline Lug Nuts, 1 Socket Key

Specifications: M14 x 1.50 Thread Pitch, 2” Overall Height, 0.92” Diameter, 60-Degree Conical Seat, anti-theft s...

Check price on


  • M14x1.50 Thread pitch,
  • 4.4” Overall height,
  • 0.92” Diameter,
  • 60-degree Conical Seat,
  • Bulge Acorn design, anti-...

    Check price on

Specifications: M14x1.50 Thread pitch, 4.4” Overall height, 0.92” Diameter, 60-degree Conical Seat, Bulge Acorn design, anti-theft spline design. Chrome Finish. For 8-lug vehicles.


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