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- Genuine Genuine part that fits your specific vehicle

- Engine Oil Filter

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- COMPATIBLE with Audi SQ5 3.0L 2018-2021, Q8 3.0L HYBRID 2019-2020, S5 3.0L 2018-2021, A6 Quattro 3.0L HYBRID 2019-2021, S4 3.0L 2018-2021, A7 Quattro 3.0L HYBRID 2019-2020, Q7 3.0L HYBRID 2020-2021, A...

- [cont.] S5 Sportback 3.0L 2018-2021, RS5 2.9L 2018-2021, S7 2.9L HYBRID 2020, S6 2.9L HYBRID 2020, A6 allroad 3.0L HYBRID 2020-2021, S8 4.0L HYBRID 2020, A8 Quattro 4.0L HYBRID 2019, A7 Quattro 3.0L 2...

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- Keeps abrasive particles away from bearings and other engine hydraulic components

- Provides low restriction to ensure optimal fluid flow through the engine

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- MANN-FILTER Air Filters offer clean air intake and optimum protection for your engine, mass air flow sensor and other sensitive components

- The flame-retardant and water-resistant filter media comes with a very high dirt separation efficiency and low flow resistance as well as a special embossing that provides strength and stability

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- PREMIUM PROTECTION – Synthetic blend resin media is engineered to deliver up to 10,000 miles of filter life with synthetic oil, as well as conventional oil.

- ULTRA EFFICIENT FILTER MEDIA – EX Series captures particles as small as 25 microns and offers 99% multi-pass efficiency over the life of the filter.

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- ★ Quality Material: The magnetic oil drain plug is made of high quality strong stainless steel aluminum and strong magnet, reusable oil drain plug for daily maintenance and oil change. Package contain...

- ★ Super Magnetic: The magnetic oil drain plug is designed simply to ensure better engine performance by keeping metal debris away. It uses the most powerful neodymium magnets to protect your engine fr...

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- ★ Kit Includes: 1 x 68436631AA, 1 x 68157291AA fuel filter; one pair of safety work gloves.

- ★ High Quality: Made of triple-layer filter paper and synthetic fiber with contaminant filtration capability. Protects fuel pump nozzles, cylinder liners and piston rings, greatly reducing wear and lo...

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- 🚕 Size Specification: Each pack of 12 or 24 oil drain plug washers have the following dimensions: O.D.(outer diameter): 17.7 mm, I.D.(inner diameter): 11 mm, thickness: 3.4 mm. Please check the dimens...

- 🚕 High Quality: The oil drain plug gasket is made of high quality purple copper alloy with strict quality guidelines. It is used to seal the oil drain plug to the oil pan to prevent oil leakage, thus...

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As you run oil through your engine, it accumulates dirt, soot, and sometimes even small metal particles. Fortunately, the oil filter prevents these particles from getting to important parts of your engine, but it does wear out. Change your oil filter with every oil change, and rest assured that your engine will have a long, trouble-free life.